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***New Members MUST Attend Our Online ORIENTATION Class Before Having Access To The Social Media Platform***


Members of the MOVEMENT are required to pay a "6 MONTHS" membership fee in order to have access to our Platform and membership benefits. You will have instant access to our Platform after your 1st payment has been received and verified [after attending the Online ORIENTATION Class]. However, you WILL NOT be eligible to receive Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, and Paying It Forward Benefits until 3 NEW members accept your INVITATION and join the MOVEMENT. The 6 month membership fee is broken down into 6 monthly payments. If you fail to make your monthly payments, you will NO LONGER have access to the A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed] Platform or be considered eligible to receive financial compensation.   



The following compensation chart is for illustration purposes only! It is NOT intended to be misrepresented as guaranteed Reward Point, Bonus Bucks, or Paying It Forward Benefits in a certain time frame. The chart below represents the MAXIMUM amount of Reward Points AND Bonus Bucks members of the MOVEMENT can earn over the course of SIX MONTHS. The following chart can be duplicated if each and every member of the MOVEMENT refers 3 NEW members in 14 days. That's only ONE member every 4.5 days. A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed] encourages members of the MOVEMENT to use our 3 Step System Marketing Tools if you need help referring other members to the MOVEMENT. There is NO additional charge to use the 3 step system.                 




If you look closely at our pay structure, you will notice how the Reward Points and Bonus Bucks start off with a small amount and increases over the course of six months. Always remember the following; Success is a process of progress. It does NOT happen overnight and requires 100% effort on your part, lots of patience, help from others, and[sometimes] a little bit of luck along the way. Each and every member of the MOVEMENT have the opportunity to earn the same amount of Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, and Paying It Forward Benefits over the course of six months. 




Reward Points and Bonus Bucks are paid on the 7th and 21st of each month. Only active members [members making their monthly payments] are eligible to receive Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, and Paying It Forward Benefits.  After your six month membership expires, members of the MOVEMENT can RENEW their membership for another six months. Members of our MOVEMENT will have the opportunity to earn the same amount of Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, and Paying It Forward Benefits as the previous six months "WITHOUT" having to refer more new members. How is that? Because, members of the MOVEMENT already exist at the end of your six month membership. Therefore, each member of the MOVEMENT will simply renew their membership every six months, as well. This way, the process repeats itself every six months [year after year]!!!   




Right now, some of you are probably thinking the following; there is NO way possible individuals can earn this much money EVERY six months. This is my answer to that comment. How much money do you think individuals in the USA currently spend over the course of six months? Where is all that 'BILLIONS OF DOLLARS' going? It's divided among the different places individuals spend money paying their financial obligations or spend in the Marketplace. Since we pour MOST of our money right back into the economy month after month, why can't we take a small portion of the money we are ALREADY spending [$37.50 over the course of six month] and convert OUR buying power into 'leverage and opportunity'? After all, since our money is responsible for creating success and wealth for corporations and business, members of the MOVEMENT decided to use that same concept to HELP EACH OTHER achieve success in life. That sounds like a common sense approach with lots of potential to me, what about you?       




Our M.A.P. Program Is INCREDIBLE... 




This is going to be a GAME CHANGER for members of the MOVEMENT! If I didn't have your attention before, I DEFINITELY have it NOW! This has NEVER BEEN OFFERED BEFORE!!!      



The M.A.P. Program works SIMULTANEOUSLY with the Reward Points and Bonus Bucks pay structure. Therefore, you will NOT be required to spend money out of pocket to join the M.A.P. Program. HOWEVER, in order to participate in the M.A.P. Program members MUST have 3 individuals accept your INVITATION and join the MOVEMENT within 14 days. No exceptions! 


How is it possible for members of the MOVEMENT to accumulate 1 MILLION M.A.P. Points in ONLY 6 MONTHS? This is MUCH easier than you think, because money is accumulating each time a NEW member joins the MOVEMENT. Example: If I had a 'SHARED' savings fund and other people could add money into that fund, how long would it take to accumulate MILLIONS Of Dollars? That will depend on how many people are willing to add money into the 'SHARED' savings fund. Of course, MOST INDIVIDUALS will be eager and excited to add money into the 'SHARED' savings fund if they are able to benefit financially. Am I right? This is similar to how your 401k Retirement Plan works. If you keep adding money each payday, your 401K will continue to increase in value over a period of time. The ONLY difference is; instead of investing in the Stock Market or other Commodities, members of the MOVEMENT are investing in EACH OTHER!


The M.A.P. Program 'is a token of appreciation' for members of the MOVEMENT willing to help each other build a SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE COMPANY [A Movement 4 Improvement]. This makes so much sense, because members of the MOVEMENT will be the deciding factor when determining if A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed] is a success or failure. So, it's only fair to 'share the success and wealth' with these individuals. Hopefully, the MOVEMENT will resonate with the MILLIONS of individuals feeling left out, left behind, or left wondering if they will 'achieve success in life'. Here is YOUR chance! Are you ready to convert your buying power into 'leverage and opportunity'?         



Over the next six months, here is a checklist of things members of the MOVEMENT should be considering:


  • Where would you like to live?
  • What vehicle[s] do you REALLY want to drive?
  • Where is your DREAM vacation?
  • What is the BEST insurance available for you and your family?
  • Where are the BEST schools for you to send your kid[s]?
  • What are the best options for you to start building your financial portfolio to invest and achieve your retirement goals?


This is the plan for each and every member of the MOVEMENT over the next 6 months. What's your 6 month plan? Is this ENOUGH motivation for you to join the MOVEMENT and duplicate our step by step PATHWAY to helping each other achieve success in life? It's much better and financial rewarding than doing the same old thing [day after day] for the same old pay. Don't you agree? 




After 3 NEW members accept your INVITATION and join the MOVEMENT your work is DONE. Now, just sit back and relax. Don't forget to stay active on the Social Media Platform and earn those Credit Points. I'm sure you would like to win ONE of the Cash Prizes in our Two Monthly Contests...   




The MOVEMENT is replacing that OLD TRADITIONAL 'sell of fail' concept with a NEW concept called 'caring and sharing'.  It's so much easier and affordable!!! 




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The "IMPOSSIBLE" only exist when we allow it to become "POSSIBLE". Together, we are UNSTOPPABLE! 




Over the next 30 days, how many times are you going to spend $12.50? In the next 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, and 6 months, how many times are you going to spend $5.00? That's a total of $37.50 over the course of six months. Let's be honest here; you are going to spend A LOT more money than this amount over the course of six months. I'm willing to bet [MOST] of you are probably going to spend $37.50 within a few days!


Of all the money you are going to spend over the next six months, what in this world could be MORE IMPORTANT than spending $37.50 in order to put you and your family on a PATHWAY to achieving success in life? Personally, I can NOT think of anything MORE IMPORTANT. What about YOU???   




PLEASE, stop putting off until tomorrow, something you and your family need and deserve so desperately today! No more excuses or procrastinating... Today is the beginning of your journey to achieving success in life. Are you ready to make the American Dream a REALITY and affordable year after year? If so, join the MOVEMENT today!