Today, I’m asking you to join our MOVEMENT and help someone you personally know "very well" achieve success in life. I’m talking about achieving that ONE goal in life this individual would LOVE to accomplish more than anything else. Your contribution is only $12.50 for the 1st month and $5.00 monthly payments for 5 additional months. That’s only $37.50 over the course of six months. Before you say no, PLEASE keep reading.


Can you just imagine how much joy and appreciation this individual will have knowing a MOVEMENT exists of individuals from all walks of life [that's] committed to helping each other achieve success in life. Yes, it might require making a financial sacrifice for some individuals willing to help, but knowing the cause you are contributing to should overshadow any of those reservations. Don’t you agree?


Let me tell you a little bit about this individual. I’ll start with; this individual is so deserving of your help and wants to live a much better quality of life in order to 'Pay It Forward' and help others achieve success in life. I’m also sure this individual is someone you can relate to on a personal level and will leave an everlasting impression on you as someone you have known all along!  


Actually, if you are willing to help this individual financially, it’s only fair for you to see this person with your own eyes and form your own opinion. Are you willing to do this? If so, take a look in the MIRROR!!! The individual I’m referring to is “YOU”… Can you imagine ANYONE more deserving than bringing their ULTIMATE goal in life to fruition than YOURSELF? Why not FINALLY put yourself FIRST for a change? I think you should, SERIOUSLY!!!


As you see, I have already joined A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed]. I couldn't resist this opportunity, because I want "peace of mind" knowing an employer is NO LONGER my ONLY source of income. Members of the MOVEMENT are sick and tired of being held hostage by a system designed to create wealth for a very few at the expense of average working individuals. This is no longer acceptable!


I'm sure you feel the same way  and I will be so delighted if you join me in this Movement. Members are so excited about this Movement, because it's simple, realistic, and extremely affordable. The “impossible” only exist when we allow it to become “possible”. Together, we are UNSTOPPABLE!!!




If you TRULY believe in our OATH and commitment to helping EACH OTHER achieve success in life, watch the 'very short' 1 minute video. It's such an AWESOME video!



Now, visit our Social Media Platform. This is our "meeting place" to share knowledge, ideas, and empowerment, in order to help each other achieve success in life. If you like Networking and meeting new people with the same agenda of helping others financially, you are going to LOVE our Social Media Platform. 


After visiting our Social Media Platform, feel free to check out our website. This is a plethora of information you will enjoy reading. The MOVEMENT consists of FOUR components and each component adds a special value to our membership. It's all on the website. 



After doing your due diligence, let me know your thoughts. I'm sure you are going to be super excited about the MOVEMENT. Before joining, "PLEASE" call me [my 1st preference] and confirm you would like to join our MOVEMENT -or- respond to this email [wait for my response] so I can "GIVE YOU MY REFERRAL ID". We use this two step process in order to deter unscrupulous individuals from trying to scam people.


You and I are going to have so much fun, while also, achieving all the exciting things in life we NEVER thought was possible! I'm so EXCITED, what about you? 


Thanks for reading my email and I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience. Have a WONDERFUL day!